Mobile Car Wash & Cleaning Services Wantirna 3152


Cars Detailed is local & we service all Wantirna and it’s surrounding Suburbs. We provide a complete interior and exterior detailing services that are customised to each customer’s needs and budget.

We provide the best mobile auto detailing and customers can choose basic express detailing, or purchase a full-service package that includes a deep hand car wash, paint correction and clay bar treatment, hand waxing, and interior deep cleaning.


  • Snow foam vehicle with soap high pressure rinse
  • Remove dirt & oil from vehicle
  • Clean arches
  • Clean wheels
  • Clean tyres
  • Chamois dry
  • Vacuum interior
  • Shampoo interior
  • Leather treatment if applicable
  • Clay bar exterior / Duco & windows for optimal results
  • Detailing of console, gauges, vents, pedals, steering wheels
  • Visor
  • Pillars
  • Seat Belts
  • Machine polish vehicle only not by hand for optimal results
  • Wax duco after machine polish for high gloss & optimal results

PRICES : From $300


  • Snow foam vehicle and high pressure wash
  • Remove dirt and oil from vehicle
  • Clean arches
  • Clean wheels
  • Clean tyres
  • Chamois dry
  • Clay bar duco to remove contaminations
  • Machine polish duco to remove swirl marks, holograms scuff marks
  • Apply wax to duco after cut and polish for optimal results
  • High gloss finish
  • Cut and polish will bring back your car if its chalky

PRICES : From $270


  • Vacuum interior
  • Shampoo interior
  • Detail console areas, steering wheel & cabin vents, visors
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean Rubbers
  • Clean window inside
  • Fragrance interior
  • Spot clean roof lining only
  • Leather treatment for leather seats and interior
  • Clean windows

PRICES : From $170


  • Snow foam vehicle with soap and pre soak, pressure wash off soap
  • Degrease door jambs
  • Clean wheels, arches, tyres
  • Chamois dry vehicles
  • Dress tyres
  • Fragrance Interior
  • Vacuum boot and interior
  • Dust console and cabin, steering wheel
  • Clean glass inside & outside

PRICES : From $65